Graduation Requirements

The left of the chart represents high school graduation requirements for every Chicago Public School. The right reflects the recommendations of the Walter Payton College Prep Curriculum.

Requirements Recommended College Prep
4.0 English 4.0 English
3.0 Mathematics 4.0 Mathematics
3.0 Science 4.0 Science
2.0 World Language 4.0 World Language
3.0 Social Science 3.0 Social Science
2.0 Fine Arts 2.0 Fine Arts
2.0 Physical Education 2.0 Physical Education
2.0 College-Career Pathways 0.0 College-Career Pathways
3.0 Electives 5.0 Electives
Student Advisory Student Advisory
40 hrs Community Service 40 hrs Community Service
24 Credits
28 Credits

  1. All courses offered are college preparatory courses at the honors or advanced placement level.
  2. A program of courses is developed at a conference with the students, his/her parents or guardians, and an advisor.
  3. Each student must pass a Constitution examination.
  4. Students must complete 40 hours of Service Learning activities prior to graduation.