Dear Students:

Next week, the Humanities Festival returns to Payton. Sponsored by the American Studies cohort, this year`s festival will comprise of enrichments that seek to deconstruct sub-narratives from American culture and history that contribute to our master narrative. Check out the projects below and sign up for them through Selenium:

Toys Will Be Toys: Gender-construction through the Toy Industry

Blurred Lines: The Legacy of Anti-Miscegenation Laws

Single Pringles Not Ready to Mingle: The Privilege of Marriage

That’s So Fetch: Exposing High School Stereotypes

The Space Race: Russian to the Stars

How High Is Too High?: The Economics and Social Stigma of Marijuana

We Ain’t Come to Play School: College Athletes and Amateurism

Is Success without College Less American?: A Critical Examination of the Role of College in Today`s Economy

How to Train Your Wife for Dummies: A Look Post-WWII [anti-] Feminism

Must Pay to Play: The Inequities of Modern Medicine

And more!