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About Payton Sailing


Sailing is one of Walter Payton’s newest and most exciting co ed sports teams. It is a two season (fall and spring) sport and it is a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Started in 2012 by Wade Wagner (Class of 2015) and Peter Bied (Class of 2014), Payton sailing has grown from a meager 
group of kids into a large group of dedicated students. Sailing experience on the team ranges from national competitors to people who are getting into a boat for the first time. The sailing team practices out of The Chicago Yacht Club (CYC) Belmont Station’s youth center, which boasts 25 pristine boats, a fleet of powerboats (for coaching and safety) a top notch sailing facility, and top level coaching.   

Three Divisions

The team is divided into three divisions. The Freshman-Sophomore team is comprised of new sailors who have little to no experience. Fresh-Soph team sailors practice in multiple kinds of boats, ranging from large 5 person keel boats called Sonars down to the small 2 person dinghy boat, the 420. Fresh-Soph practices in Sonars on Tuesday and Thursday and 420’s on Saturdays. The next level up is the JV team. JV sailors have demonstrated solid sailing skills and are ready to step up to the racing scene. JV practices are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. JV sailors are 
expected to race in at least 2 weekend regattas a month. Finally, the Varsity squad is made up of sailors who have demonstrated quality seamanship and are prepared for top tier racing and a rigorous practice, regatta and travel schedule.


Payton Sailing competes in the Midwest Interscholastic Sailing Association (MISSA circuit for short). While most regattas are held locally some races can be as far away as Minneapolis or Detroit. Travel opportunities are provided to sailors on the JV and Varsity Levels. Some regattas are one day, but most regattas are two days (Saturday and Sunday). We send a minimum of four sailors to each regatta. There are two seasons of the MISSA circuit. (Fall and Spring) 

Financial concerns and CYC Membership

Payton Sailing requires that the student become a junior member of the CYC and acquire basic sailing gear, including a dry suit for spring sailing. This can be expensive, however, students may apply to the CYC Foundation for financial assistance.  In addition, at Payton, funds are available and no one should hesitate to try out for the Payton sailing team due to financial concerns. 

Summer Sailing Requirements and Team Try Outs 

Tryouts for the Fresh-Soph Team who do not sail at CYC-Belmont this summer will be September 3, 2015.  Tryouts for students sailing in one of the High School Pipeline classes (see below) at CYC-Belmont will occur during the Pipeline class.If you would like to try out for the Fresh-Soph Team, you must participate in a summer sailing program.  You may participate in a program that is not run by the CYC, but you must first clear the program with Bobby Collins at CYC (email address above). At CYC, the summer sailing requirement is met by participating in one of the High School Pipeline classes.  The course description is below and spots fill up quickly.  If you would like to try out for the JV team and haven’t previously been on the Fresh-Soph team, you will need to do the summer 420 Race Team class at CYC.  Please contact Bobby Collins if the class is full.

High School Pipeline- for current high school students or those entering high school in the fall of 2015 Meets M-F, 9:00-4:00; Dates: HS Pipeline 1, Aug 10 - Aug 14; HS Pipeline 2, Aug 17 - Aug 21 This course is for high school students who are hoping to join their high school sailing team. Intensive training and frequent scrimmaging are used to equip participants with the necessary skills to try out for their team. Try outs for the teams managed by Chicago Yacht Club are held as part of this program.

High School Pipeline goals include:

--Crewing and skippering a 420

--Practicing all racing skills

--Scrimmaging in short course drills

--Recovering from a capsize

--Becoming familiar with the kinds of personal equipment needed to compete in high school


Recent Successes

While sailing is one of the newest sports at Payton, it is also one of the most successful. In the fall season of 2013 Payton won two regional qualifiers and in turn WPCP sailed in two National Championships! First captain Wade Wagner sailed in the Single handed National Championships (Cressy Cup) in Newport Rhode Island. Two weeks after that championship three varsity squad members (Wade Wagner, Sabina Van Mell and Yusuf Mallick)  packed their bags and headed down to New Orleans, LA for the Great Oaks Invitational, which serves as the fall national championship.

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