LSC Mission

The Walter Payton College Preparatory High School Local School Council is committed to helping make Walter Payton College Prep a distinctive school that makes Chicago proud by maintaining and supporting those features that make it unique:
  • A teaching staff of the highest possible quality, that continues to grow and expand the instructional opportunities offered at Payton through professional and curricular development.
  • A curriculum that challenges students and stimulates their curiosity, that inspires leadership while providing the tools for them to achieve their goals, that addresses individual learning needs, and, in so doing, goes beyond standard high school topics and expectations.
  • Materials and resources that expand learning and growth opportunities for the entire community, including students, parents, teachers, and other schools.
  • Social, ethnic, religious, economic, cultural, and intellectual diversity that enrich the school community, encourage understanding, and promote respect.
  • Activities and resources that help students and their parents make good decisions about their own personal and educational plans at Payton and afterwards.
  • A school community in which people love to learn from each other.
The LSC recognizes that essential to many of these goals are continued procurement and disbursement of funds in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools, the Friends of Payton, and outside agencies and funders.

Roles & Responsibilities
  1. School Improvement Planning (CIWP)
  2. School Budget
  3. Principal Evaluation, Retention, and Selection

Current LSC Representatives

Parent Representatives
Susannah Gottlieb
Laura Hansen
Grace Shin (Vice-Chair)
Daniel Sullivan (Chair)
Lauren Tatar (FOIA/OMA Officer)
Scott Walter

Community Representatives
William Kaplan
Mary Young (Secretary)

Teacher Representatives
Michelle Mowery
Leslie Russell

Staff Representative
Justin Potter

Student Representative
Krishnaraj Davis

Tim Devine