English Department

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."--W.B. Yeats

Language and symbol are the means by which we understand and affect our experience. Through our study of language, students will examine many voices and choices within the human experience. Our study will help us nurture our students as they hear, appreciate, understand and seek the voices of others; define, refine, share their own voices; and make more enlightened choices.

Our program focuses on preparing students for college by developing their writing, reading, listening, speaking, critical thinking and media literacy skills. Every course offered in the English Department will prepare students to succeed in all areas of academia. Students will be prepared and encouraged to enroll in A.P. English courses.

Ultimately, when our students leave Payton, we want them to...

  • be able to create effective, sophisticated, and original pieces of
  • writing for a variety of academic and non-academic audiences and occasions
  • be capable of analyzing and evaluating the rhetorical structure of a variety of texts independently
  • have a vast collegiate vocabulary and literacy in academic language
  • be critical consumers of information and media
  • feel confident about their ability to write, speak, listen, read, and think in any situation they may encounter in the academic world, the workplace, and the world outside those institutions
  • be capable of achieving whatever goals they set for themselves
  • love reading and enjoy the writing process
  • be actively engaged in their worlds, individually, at home, at work, and in their communities
  • be aware, tolerant, respectful, and understanding of other people
  • know who they are
  • be leaders