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Why learn Latin?

The ancient Roman Civilization is the foundation of our own western society, with many influences on art, architecture, engineering, government, history, mythology, literature, and military stratagems.

Latin is not a dead language. One sees influences of ancient Rome everywhere, from our dollar bill, to the columns of the buildings downtown, to the mottos of universities, the military and sports teams.

In our English language, 60% of all one syllable words and 90% of two or more syllable words come from Latin. Therefore, Latin students not only improve in English, but also in their analytical and mental acuity, while becoming more culturally literate.

Latin helps increases your ACT/SAT scores. Studying Latin will increase verbal SAT scores on average by more than 100 points.

Harry Potter’s magical spells are in Latin and Roman mythology is an integral part of both classic and contemporary art and literature.

Latin Travel and Extracurricular Opportunities

Rome, Italy: including excursions to Cumae, Pompeii, Mt. Vesuvius and Capri

Certamen, Latin Olympics, the National Latin Exam, the Illinois State Tournament, the Medusa Exam, and the Vergilian Society Translation Contest.

“Although we were initially unaware of the beauty and majesty of the Latin language, we were soon to discover that the decision to take Latin would take us on one of the most rewarding journeys of our academic careers. Not only have we been exposed to the intricacies of perhaps the most important languages in history, but we have been immersed in the historically rich Roman culture.” - 
Nina Mesfin and Will Jackson, ‘14

“As a Latin student, I have learned how to recognize and identify the Latin roots that exist in just about everything I see and experience.” - Amy Hoke, ‘14