It was a sweep for Payton at Future Problem Solving (FPS) State Bowl held in Bloomington, Illinois on April 13-14. Payton placed first (1st) in written competition in both Middle and Senior divisions, a first ever for FPS in Payton. Nine teams comprised of thirty-two students advanced from Regional, of which five teams also placed top five in oral presentation, and one team placed first in multimedia (a category in its first year). First place winners in the written competition advance to International which will be held at University of Wisconsin - La Crosse in June.

State Champion Coach Award
Seniors: Isabel Diersen, Clara Drimmer, Catherine Johnson

Middle Division
Freshmen: Sarah Douglas, Isabel Kapustka, Francesca Turrinelli, Christopher Zrazik
Written: 1st place; Oral: 4th place

Senior Division
Seniors: Adam Clark, Catherine Johnson, Trinity Thomas
Written: 1st place; Oral: 1st place
Juniors: Aaron Alberg, Claire Atkerson, Anabelle Gannon, Ecaterina Marinescu
Oral: 3rd place
Juniors: Michael Diersen, Sam Miller, Allegra Minor, Sonia Peters
Oral: 4th place
Juniors: Lillian Jirousek, Nicholas McGowan, Ema Takahashi
Oral: 5th place
Juniors: Austin W Li, Tatyana Petriv, Reyna Villada, Katherine Wehrenberg
Multimedia: 1st place
Honorable mention for advancing from Regional to State - Sophomores: Gwyneth Lemaster, Jackson Zhang, Morgan Ziegelski and, Juniors: Thomas Hoos, Gabrielle Jonikas, Mendy Kong, Grace Liu

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