Dear Payton Parents/Guardians:

As you know, our Fall 2017 Report Card Pick-up will take place next Thursday, at Payton from 11:30am-6:45pm. We are excited to see you on campus next week!

New this year, and in order to eliminate the wait time parents/guardians experienced in trying to meet with their child's teachers, you will have the opportunity to secure 5-minute appointments with teachers in advance. We will be using the MyConferenceTime online scheduling system to set up these appointments. Please carefully review the following information in order to ensure a smooth day next week!

How to Schedule Your 5-minute Conferences

1). Please go to

2). Once there, you will have the option to schedule multiple conferences at once (which we recommend) or schedule single conferences by browsing the various folders on the main page. To sign up for multiple conferences at once, simply click on the link in the yellow box that at the top of the page that reads, "Register for Multiple Conferences".

3). After you sign up for your conferences, you'll receive a confirmation email that will contain your conference schedule. You can also request a more mobile friendly copy of your schedule by clicking the link, "Help me find conferences that I already scheduled", located at the bottom of the main page. You can always return to this link at any time if you lose track of your schedule between the time you sign up and next Thursday.

4). If your personal schedule changes, please be sure to cancel any conferences for which you've signed up. We want to make sure all available conference meeting times remain available prior to and throughout RCPU.

Additional Considerations when Signing up for Conferences

They are Mini-Conferences 
Remember that while our bi-annual RCPU dates are valuable opportunities for you to have some face time with your child's teachers, they really are only 5-minute "check-ins", and you will not be able to sign up for more than one 5-minute conference slot with each of  your child's teachers. In order to keep the "trains running on time",  it's imperative that we all adhere to this limit on the amount of time for each individual conference. Additionally, make sure that you are on time for each of your conferences so that you can maximize the amount of time spent with your child's teacher. If you need additional time to discuss your child's progress with a teacher, feel free to schedule a follow-up appointment via email for another date/time.

Availability of Conference Times

As to be expected, there are not enough conference slots for every single one of our teachers' students. Additionally, your schedule may not allow you to have the chance to sign up for conferences with all of your child's teachers. While you are certainly welcome to schedule conferences with all of your child's teachers, perhaps prioritize meeting with those teachers for whom the facetime is absolutely necessary, and follow up via email with the remaining teachers you do not get the chance to meet.

MyConferenceTime Will Remain Open Throughout RCPU
Please do not try to drop in to meet with teachers if you have not signed up for a conference time with that teacher. Parents/guardians unable to sign up for conferences prior to November 16 will still have the opportunity to sign up for conferences, if available, on November 16, as we will leave the MyConferenceTime system up and running throughout the duration of RCPU. We will also have a bank of computers available in the east cafeteria for those families with limited access to email and are unable to access the site at home.  

Leave Time to Get From One Room to Another
It's best to ensure you leave enough "travel time" to get from one conference to another, so leave at least 5 minutes in between each conference for which you sign up.

MyConferenceTime is Mobile Friendly
Unless preferred, there's no need for you to print off your schedule, as long as you have a mobile device in hand during RCPU.

General RCPU Information

Quarter Grades are not Reflected on Transcripts
As a reminder, your child's quarter 1 grade will not be reflected on semester transcripts. Rather, his/her grade should be considered a glorified progress report -- only students' final semester grades are reflected on semester transcripts.

Faculty Lunch Break
As you plan your arrival and conferences, please note that ALL faculty are scheduled to be on their lunch break and thus unavailable for consultation from 2:30pm-3:30pm. We have also built in two 10-minute breaks for faculty from 12:55-1:05 and 5pm-5:10pm.  During faculty breaks, we encourage you to stop by the spirit wear and FOP wishlist tables in the first floor atrium.

As you know, parking around Payton is very limited, and we encourage parents to commute via public transportation if possible. There may be 2-hour metered parking available on Wells and along Oak and Orleans streets.

Please Know Your Student's Advisory Number Before Arriving to Payton
Report cards will be "batched" in alphabetical order by grade and advisory and will be distributed in the west atrium upon arrival. As such, please know your child's advisory number in order to receive their child's report card. Note that you can also access your child's quarter 1 grades online via student portal.

Parents/Guardians with Dual Households   
Parents and guardians who have dual households and require two copies of their child's report card may access a duplicate copy of their child's report card in the Payton main office. Please have your I.D. available.

Paying Student Fees
Debt Slips/Notices are mailed to homes on a quarterly basis. If you received a notice or anticipate a fee payment, you should go to the main office immediately upon arrival, BEFORE going to the report card table. Our Business Manager, Ms. Nantwi, will be available from 11:30am-2:00pm and again from 3:00pm-6:45pm to accept payment of student fees in the main office. You may pick up your child's report card after payment or establishing a payment plan.  

We look forward to seeing you next Thursday!  Let us know if you have any questions.

Go Grizzlies,

The Payton Administration
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